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After-the-Fact Payroll Reporter*

The After-the-Fact Payroll Reporter provides easy and fast year round collection of payroll data for calculation, printing and submission of government forms for payroll reporting.

· Automatic cross-footing for instant  verification of entries

· Prints and completes W-2, W-2C, W-3,  W-3C, 1099/Misc, 1096, 941, 941B,  941X, 940, 940A, 943, 944, 8109, NY:NYS-1, NYS-45/ATT, MTA-305, NJ:WR-30, NJ-927,  NJ-500S/M, NJ941, NJ W-3, PK-2/3 CT:UC-5A, UC-2 plus PA, SC, FL, TX, VA, CA and two universal forms.

· Laser Printing of ALL government forms  Including state forms.

· Reports include: Payroll work cards, Summary by Period, Quarter and Year-to-Date, Employee and Company labels, and transmittal letter.

· On-screen review of employee data (Period, Quarter and Year-to-Date), 940, 941,  state unemployment reports in summary or detail, W-3, 1096, calculations of FICA and   MEDICARE tax and New  Jersey DIS/UI calculations.

After the Fact Payroll Reporter PLUS

After-the-fact PayrollPlus

ATFPPlus calculates Federal, State and Local withholding taxes.
The nP Systems, Inc. ATFPPlus has built-in withholding tables to calculate the tax for Federal, NY, NYC, Yonkers, NJ, CT, PA and PA Local.
The Program provides easy collection of data, with automatic printing of the forms needed for government reporting purposes. Here are some of the reason why your practice should be using nP Systems, Inc. After-The-FactPlus.

Complete Payroll System

Federal, NY, NYC, Yonkers, NJ, CT, PA and more! An all state version is also available.

nP System’s Complete Payroll System (CPS) is a unique system specially designed for accounting practices that want to process both Before and After the Fact payrolls for their client companies.

General Ledger Client Write Up

Our General Ledger Write-Up system is a sophisticated program, designed specifically for accounting and bookkeeping professionals.  The system is designed to achieve optimum efficiency and productivity for you and your staff.  Simplicity  of operation makes the program easy to learn, easy to use and very fast.

Sales Tax Reporter

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut State SalesTax Reporter Program


Our SalesTax Reporter Program  was  designed for the needs of Accounting Professionals.  The SalesTax program provides you and your staff with an easy and powerful way to collect the information needed for government reporting purposes.

Instant Payroll Calculator

Federal, NY, NYC, Yonkers, NJ, CT, PA, or All States Version!


The IPC provides easy, immediate calculation of payroll withholding and taxes for Federal, All States or just New York State and City, Yonkers, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.  The program instantly calculates for different withholding allowances and filing status situations. 

1099 Reporter Program

W2 1099 Payroll Reporter Program



SCREEN VIEW OF SALES TAX & PAYROLL FORMS USING PDF format for most forms is included in our software.


nP Systems software... It just adds up.

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