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Complete Payroll System

Federal, NY, NYC, Yonkers, NJ, PA and more! An all state version is also available.

nP System’s Complete Payroll System (CPS) is a unique system specially designed for accounting practices that want to process both Before and After the Fact payrolls for their client companies.



The system is unique in that it allows accounting firms to quickly process payrolls for an unlimited number of companies.  The CPS prints checks and all the state and federal forms needed for payroll processing including the states of NY (NYS-45, NYS-45-ATT, and NYS-1), New Jersey (WR-30, NJ500, NJ-927, NJ W-3), Connecticut and Pennsylvania.  Printing is done on laser printers (HP PCL laser or compatible).  The laser prints the federal and state forms on plain blank paper.

The CPS can calculate and print checks for Federal, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania employees.  The program can handle four types of payees: Hourly, Hourly by exception (also does shift or piece work), Salary and Commission.  Hourly payees can have two rates, along with over-time and special over-time; for a total of six pay rates.  Up to three state and local deductions  per payee are possible.  Sixteen miscellaneous deductions are also included.  These deductions can be selected to: add to gross (taxable), be subject to FICA and Medicare tax only, add to the net (non-taxable) or have no affect on the dollar amounts (for example - weeks worked for NJ base weeks reporting).

The CPS stores complete detailed payroll information for all payees.  With this information it produces payroll work cards, along with completing detail portions of the state and federal reports (Like the liability section of Form 941).  The program prints exact duplicates of the government forms on plain paper with laser printers .

The Complete Payroll System includes a fully integrated After-The-Fact Payroll.  When using the CPS you can enter amounts for hand written checks, for those payees whose checks you did not print with the system.  Using the program as an After-The-Fact Payroll Reporter provides easy, year round collection of payroll data (from check stubs, payroll registers or one-write systems) in detail (for each check written) or summary (totals for a month or quarter).  Program will still automatically calculate and print the government forms needed for payroll reporting purposes.

All changes to the withholding and reporting procedures are supported by nP Systems.  With your yearly subscription, updates are automatically delivered as changes to rates, limits and forms occur.  In addition, the tax year’s support is included FREE with the purchase/update of the package.


Some of the Important Features included with the system are:


 Easy to use entry procedure with automatic prompting of payroll information.

 Automatic repeat features which saves you time when entering repetitive information.

 Crossfooting of both individual checks and totals for all transactions entered with the After-the-Fact option.

 Keeps track of sixteen individual deduction categories for each of your client.  Categories can be set up to track either dollar or non-dollar amounts (weeks, hours, etc.)

 Sixteen Miscellaneous Wage Accounts.

 Prints detail quarterly payroll work cards along with summary period,  quarter and year to date reports and state unemployment reports, whenever necessary.

 Prints forms 940/940A, 941 V/B/X, 943, 944, W-2, W-2C, W-3, W-3C, 1099 MISC, 1096, 8109 and state forms NY:NYS-45, NYS-45-ATT, MTA-305, & NYS-1 NJ: WR-30, NJ927, NJ-500 S/M, NJ W-3,  Newark PK-3 CT:941DRS, UC-5A and UC-2 plus Pennsylvania, Florida, South Carolina, Virginia, Texas and more!

         E-File for: W-2/W-3 (extra cost option), NYS-45/ATT, NYS-1, NJ-927, WR-30

 Saves the transaction details for each quarter summary information and for up to 500 payees for each of your clients companies.

 Direct Deposit Vouchers

 Supports any number of client company on local or network drives.

 Optional MICR printing lets your print checks on blank check stock for any client company immediately.

 Check Signing as an available option

 Free telephone support and assistance throughout the year.


Personal computer with Windows 7/8/10, XP or 2003 operating system, with a DVD/CD-ROM drive.

Printer must be an HP or compatible laser printer supporting PCL 5/6 with a Tax 1 soft font (supplied with CPS) or its equivalent.


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