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The W-2/1099 Payroll Reporter provides easy collection of payroll data (from check stubs, payroll registers or one-write systems) with automatic calculations and printing of the end-of-year forms needed for payroll reporting purposes.  Below are some of the reasons why you should be using the nP Systems, Inc. W-2/1099 Payroll Reporter in your practice:

Easy to use entry procedure with automatic prompting of payroll check stub information.

Automatic repeat feature which saves time when entering repetitive information.

Crossfooting of both individual checks and totals for all transactions entered.

Keeps track of eight individualized deduction categories for each of your clients.  Categories can be set up to track either dollar or non-dollar amounts (weeks, hours, etc.)

Prints a summary year to date report, whenever necessary.

Prints forms W-2, W-3, 1099 MISC (Non-Employee Compensation) and 1096.

Laser printing version available.

Saves the information for up to 350 employees for each of your client companies.

Free support and assistance.

Complete system for only $79.00. Laser version for $129.00.

The W-2/1099 Reporter is just one of the many programs which we provide to keep you competitive, enhance your professional services and make your practice easier to run.


Payroll Entry Worksheet                   Employee name & address lists.

Year to date Summary Report           Employee list with YTD Amounts

                                                      Employee labels



Form W-3             Form 1099 MISC (Non-Employee Compensation)

Form 1096            Form W-2 (one or two wide)

                           Laser W-2 Forms, two or four to a page



Each year, the W-2/1099 Payroll program is updated to conform to the ever changing tax law.  Updates for the program are available from nP Systems, Inc.. Updates include all law changes, form changes and any functional enhancements to the system as they become available.  Your update fee includes automatic receipt of these enhancements, along with free telephone support.



With the W-2/1099 Payroll Reporter you can use impact printers to print directly on the following forms from the government (or exact duplicates): W-2, W-3, 1099MISC and 1096.  In addition, you can print your W-2's and 1099's on continuous feed forms.  The continuous W-2's can be either one or two wide.  Continuous forms must also be exact duplicates of the official government issued forms. 

The laser printing option allows you to print the following forms on a Hewlett-Packard Laser Jet printer with a TAX-1 cartridge (or it's equivalent):

Plain paper:                   W-2 A, Employer and State Copies

Plain Perforated:            W-2 for Employees, two or four to a page.

                                    1099 MISC - Employee copy

Single Sheet Preprinted: (either government or forms supplier)

                                     W-2, FICA copy (optional)

                                     1099 MISC, Federal Copy (supplier only)


                                     1096 (Optional)


Because the Federal forms 1099 and 1096 must be color coded and have special ORC characters, you must use the government forms or forms from approved suppliers.  The laser printers can print the W-2's copy A and for the employer's, employee's and state copies on plain paper.  To make separation of the W-2's and 1099's easier, you can print these forms on perforated paper.



Computer with Windows 7/8/10, XP or 2003 operating system with a DVD/CD-Rom.

The program prints with HP laser or equivalent printers supporting PCL 5/6 with a Tax 1 font (supplied with the program) or its equivalent.




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