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General Ledger Client Write-Up

Our General Ledger Write-Up system is a sophisticated program, designed specifically for accounting and bookkeeping professionals.  The system is designed to achieve optimum efficiency and productivity for you and your staff.  Simplicity  of operation makes the program easy to learn, easy to use and very fast.

Input method designed to facilitate the easy collection of information from detailed transactions, summaries, one-write systems or input sheets.

 Simple to use Journal entry procedures, using fewest possible keystrokes for very fast input of client data.  Entry screen lets you view the prior transactions, keeps a running balance of the entered transactions and lets you view/modify any transaction in the entered batch.

Flexible Chart of Accounts which can be easily set-up to meet the needs of your clients.  You can use master or start your own.

Easy to make revisions  and adjustments to entries and prior period amounts.

Individual journals (books of original entry) built into the systems:  Cash Receipts, Cash Disbursements,  Sales, Petty Cash, Purchase, Payroll, General, Reversing and Recurring.

Complete audit trail from source journal automatically produced.

Account analysis can be compiled for any date or account range.

You can view General Ledger details for a  period or cumulative transaction register for the year on screen or printer.

Great flexibility in preparation of client financial statements with unlimited number of period closing.  You can also unpost and unclose your last set of transactions.

Financial reports may be printed as many times as desired..

Income statements can be provided for “break-even” inventories.

Financial statements may be viewed on screen before printing or printed to the disk for access by other programs.

Automatic suppressing of zero balance accounts.

You control all descriptions on financial statements such as: Titles, Account descriptions and text at page bottom.

Reports Generated Include: Individual Journals, General Ledger, Trial Balance, Trial Balance Worksheet, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cumulative General Ledger and Letters of Opinion and Cover, Table of Contents with notes to financial statements.


Chart of Accounts

  • Master chart included to quickly start-up new clients.  Completely modifiable by the user to easily and quickly achieve the required needs of individual clients.
  • Up to 30 character account description for clear and detailed account titles
  • Simple to edit, add  and remove accounts as necessary
  • Chart from existing clients easily converted for use with new clients
  • Chart of Accounts determines look of financial reports for quick and easy set up of new clients. 
  • Use of sub-accounts determines amount of detail shown on  financial reports


  • Automatic repeating of date, amounts, account numbers and references
  • Number of transaction only limited by storage capacity
  • Transactions can be single sided.  For example: No contra entry for each check in the bank account
  • Program keeps running total of debits and credits
  • Hash total of account number assures accuracy of accounts entered
  • Add accounts during transaction input
  • Checks can be distributed to as many accounts as necessary
  • Direct link to payroll program thought payroll journal transactions
  • Storage of unique standard transactions in “card file” for each of your clients



Balance Sheet

  • Flexible formats including continuous or split between Assets/Liabilities and Equity, headings & titles set by you
  • Comparative and current year reports
  • Optional printing of whole dollar or cents
  • Zero balance accounts are suppressed at users  option
  • Basic format  meets AICPA standards, dollar sign, decimal points, commas, single & doubling underlining properly placed
  • Supporting schedules optionally generated


Statement of Income and Retained Earnings

  • Flexible report headings, titles & format to conform to  individual clients companies requirements
  • Optional presentation with: current period or year-to-date only, continuous or split Income and Expense section with percent column based on Gross Sales with or without cents,  comparative reporting periods, with or without zero balance accounts
  • Separate “Cost of Sales” section with correct ending inventory format
  • Separate “Under the Line” for other income and  expenses to highlight extraordinary items without  distorting current period operating income or loss
  • Separate section for tax provisions, as an option, to show current income tax liability separate from operating expense section
  • Optional retained earnings analysis, can generate an analysis as a continuation of income statement to conform to accounting requirements
  • Adheres to current AICPA standards
  • Supporting schedules optionally generated 

Cover & Opinion Letter, Table of Contents, Notes To Financial Statements


  • Client write-up generates complete package for financial reporting purposes
  • You can custom design reports from our standard package of reports

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