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After-the-Fact Payroll

After-the-Fact Payroll Reporter*


Our After-the-Fact Payroll Reporter program was designed for the needs of Accounting Professionals.  The ATFP   program provides you and your staff with an easy and powerful way to collect the information needed for government  reporting purposes.



Our intuitive Windows design that works the way you do, with automatic calculation of forms after you enter transactions.  The ATFP provides year round collection of payroll data from your check stubs, payroll registers or one-write systems.  Transactions can be entered into the program in detail (by paycheck) or summary (monthly, quarterly, or annual).  The program is fast and simple to use, with easy setup of your client’s data.  ATFP gives you the ability to calculate, complete and generate the complete set of federal, and state payroll forms on your laser printer.  It’s easy to learn with both a printed and on-line manual.  Telephone support is included FREE with your annual update.



Program has an Automatic Repeat and Standard Transaction feature which saves you time when you entering repetitive information.  You can enter a complete quarter’s payroll by entering a transaction only once.  Automatic date generation when posting transactions for multiple dates.  Program has the ability to track tax payments and automatically transfer the amounts onto the federal and state tax forms.



Save the details of all the transactions for each quarter.     A history of quarters is saved so you can print prior-period tax forms and reports.  Program even allows adjustments to past quarters in order to generate new reports based on corrected amounts.



ATFP support an unlimited number of client companies.  Client companies can be stored on fixed or removable media on your local or network hard drive.



Program prints most forms on blank paper, including an approved version of Copy A of the W-2 and W-3.  W-2’s and 1099’s print in collated order, no need to separate forms in your office.  The only form requiring a red copy is Copy A of the 1099 and 1096.  Blank forms can also be printed from the program.



Entry Worksheet, Detail Payroll Workcard, Detail Report by date for a quarter, Summary Period, Quarterly and Annual reports.  Detail and Summary SUI report, Payee name and address lists and labels.  Transmittal Letters and more!!!



Federal Form: 941, 941V/B/X, 940/A, 943, W-2 (including 2 up or 4 up employee copies), W-2C, W-3, W-3C, 1099 Misc (Non-employee/Rent) and 1096.

New York: NYS-45, ATT, NYS-1, MTS-305

New Jersey: WR-30, NJ-927, PK-30, NJ-500S/M, NJ W-3.

Connecticut: CT-941 DRS, UC-5A/2

Plus PA, VA, SC and FL and two universal quarterly report forms.


E-File for: W-2/W-3 (extra cost option), NYS-45/ATT, NYS-1, NJ-927, WR-30



Each year, the ATFP is updated to conform to the changing forms and rates.  Updates for the tax year that you purchase are automatically sent to you from nP Systems Inc.  Updates include all law changes, form changes and any functional enhancements to the system as they become available.  Your purchase includes the automatic receipt of these changes, along with FREE telephone support.  The program is personalized for your company with the information supplied on your order form.


Personal computer with Windows 7/8/10, XP or 2003 operating system, with a DVD/CD-ROM drive.

Printer must be an HP or compatible laser printer supporting PCL with the Tax 1 Fonts (supplied with ATFP) or its equivalent.


Sixteen Miscellaneous Expense and Wage Accounts for each company.

Supports multi-state and locality W2’s and even the special NJ requirements.

Automatic date generation for posting transactions multiple times.

Automatically checks and calculates transaction Net amount.

All past quarters can be saved.  You can easily print prior-period forms and reports.

Prints state-approved forms for withholding and unemployment or universal accepted forms when appropriate.

Intuitive Input and program flow make learning and using program fast and painless.



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