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Thank you for visiting Our products have been used by accounting professionals across the United States since 1978.

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We offer you the finest software programs today for the accounting and bookkeeping profession.

Our Software Programs

Our products include a full featured After-the-Fact payroll reporter, which prints more than thirty-five (35) different Federal and State forms and ten (10) reports. We also supply an inexpensive W-2 filer program and a Complete Payroll System that calculates payroll and prints checks.

The General Ledger Client Write-Up system provides you with a fast, easy to use and economical solution to the Financial Reporting needs of your clients. The system quickly produces accurate financial statements and reports for your clients. Our powerful and quick Journal Entry program verifies all input instantly, assuring accurate data entry.

Our New York State SalesTax program computes and prints over 30 laser generated forms. Included in this package are the Quarterly, Part-Quarterly and Annual forms, schedules and attachments. The program can fill out and print the Application for a sales tax registration number (DTF-17). Gas station forms FT-943 and FT-945/1045 are also included in the system.

We have added to our SalesTax program family, the states of New Jersey and Connecticut.


More than just software

Free after-the-sale telephone support and assistance with your initial purchase and updates for the following years. All programs come complete with detail on-line manuals.


Our programs are updated and support and supported to conform to changing requirements professional associations.

Hardware Requirements

All programs need a minimum Personal computer running Windows 7/8/10, XP or 2003, a DVD/CD ROM drive



We also have!

Screen View of Completed Forms and PDF File Storage of most Forms.  e-file of: W-2, W-3, 1099, NYS-45, NYS-1, NYS Salestax are available.  Also you can check our website for the latest news and updates.


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